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The Functional Aesthetic of Wrought Iron Bifold Doors

If you are a Carousel customer, you probably have a good appreciation for the importance of making a space work — whether it be your home, office, studio, or somewhere else. A space is a blank canvas and there are unlimited ways to create something unique that makes you feel comfortable, warm, and invited. Though they may appear innocuous, wrought iron bifold doors accomplish exactly this by perfectly marrying aesthetic and functionality.

MARRYING SPACE WITH Light-filled partitions

A past client had a problem with a windowed dining area in her home. The area itself was gorgeous with windows comprising three of the four walls, all trimmed with rustic wrought iron and offering a sense of immersion in her surrounding garden. What did not work was that the entrance into this dining area was guarded by a pair of French doors that—while on their own were nice enough—made the whole space feel dark, closed off, and separate from the rest of the house. Rather than the cozy and elegant breakfast area that it was, it came off as more of a storage area for gardening equipment.

At least, that is how it used to feel until she and her partner did a home renovation project that included replacing the French doors. In their place, she installed a set of wrought iron bifold doors which made a world of difference. The open glass panes and minimalist structure of the iron made the dining area feel connected, like it was a part of the house instead of apart from it. Because the doors essentially fold away, they created a feeling of welcome and harmony that is hard to accomplished with any other kind of threshold barrier.

And that is the essential benefit that bifold doors provide — they are capable of being a barrier that sections off one area from another, but they can also melt away to join two spaces together. The best application of bifold doors is often from a living room onto an outdoor patio area to create one large communal space (perfect for the summertime), but the possibilities are limitless.

why wrought iron frames?

One element of these bifold doors that could go unappreciated to the untrained eye is their wrought iron framing. Most bifold doors include white plastic or coated frames around the glass panelling, that while considered ‘tacky’, successfully get the job done. At Carousel, we pursue functionality without compromising on aesthetics, meaning our bifold doors are all framed by wrought iron. This framing turns the doors from a “hidden” glass partition into a statement piece, boldly existing within the space without any trade off to the light-filled view.

You might be tempted to confine wrought iron doors to spaces that are austere and modern, but wrought iron can work in so many diverse settings, accentuating aesthetics from traditional to industrial to modern. It is an elegant and durable material which has grown in popularity in recent years.

elevate your space today

For being so simple, wrought iron bifold doors truly have so much to offer. They are able to simultaneously divide and open up spaces in dramatic ways while also being sleek and sophisticated—a unique blend of practicality and taste whose versatility allows their potential to be bound only by imagination.

Carousel now offers custom wrought iron commissions made to order at any size, including bi-fold doors, windows, shower screens and more.  Visit our custom collection or get in touch to learn more.

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