Using Architectural Antiques To Give Your Home A Rustic Timelessness

At Carousel Interiors, we believe in the timeless beauty of traditional antique furniture and its ability to naturally imbue any home or space with a rustic aesthetic. We must admit, we are a little biased in this opinion as we’ve spent years scouring, sourcing, and providing unique architectural antiques to clients that wish to add a layer of authentic history to their surroundings.

We’ve recently been seeing more people looking for more defined and classical antique furniture in Sydney. After all, it not only adds tremendous visual appeal when executed correctly, but also gives a personality to the space that has a story and longevity behind it – which is certainly never out of fashion.

Of course, you’re not always going to be refurbishing an entire home with architectural antiques, there are a number of ways you can imbue the style with a little subtlety. It could be as simple as installing a few antique windows in your bedroom, even a little can go a long way when it comes to dancing with styles.

Where to even begin, well, that is where this article comes in, we’re going to go over a few of the ways you can pepper antique furniture throughout your space to give a character and feel that is entirely your own.

What’s Your Budget & Space?

Having a budget and spatial understanding ahead of time is a great jumping off point for those looking to get into architectural antiques. The budget tip speaks for itself as having a notion of how much you have to spend on your décor will certainly help in determining the scope of your project.

Space also plays a major role for our customers, we know that not everyone has the space to house antique wrought iron gates at their entrances – and that’s okay! We’ve seen customers make a wonderfully potent impression with a few subtle pieces throughout the home such as an art-deco marble coffee table, or classic Moroccan tiles in their kitchen.

Thankfully, we’re always excited to find something truly special and unique and the best part about our products, is that there is always something new-but-old on the horizon.

It’s All About The Little Things

People often make the mistake of thinking an entire home must be retrofitted with classic furnishings to imbue the sense of timelessness – we beg to differ. It is often the subtle decisions that have the most authentic impact on a space. We cannot get enough of how impactful vintage windows can have on a once drab and colourless room.

There is a lot to be said about the classical design motifs, they truly go with modern and traditional styles implicitly – and as such, there is room for subtlety. We’re all about distinctive designs so anything you’ll find at Carousel Interiors (no matter how small) will have a rippling effect on any space it resides in.

Carousel Interiors Making Sustainable, Fashionable

We can’t write about the magic of antique furniture without mentioning the fact that sustainable has become quite fashionable. In fact, Forbes recently noted that more Millennials are opting for antique furniture for both style and sustainability reasons. It seems that the world is beginning to catch up on the virtues and irreplaceable charm that can be found in the builds of yesteryear.

This brings us to what Carousel Interiors can do for you, we’re a family business that treats all of our customers like family – we love seeing our products find a good home, and we will strive to always bring you the best and brightest and most charming of offerings.

Got questions?

Whether you’re already taking on a new project or just dreaming up a potential redesign, we are here to help you realise your ideas with antique style. Browse our range on Instagram or get in touch and we’ll point you in the right direction with industry advice and suggestions.

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