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CUSTOM collection

We create wrought iron, steel, and timber pieces to order. our custom collection pays homage to the rustic charm of our vintage salvage.

At Carousel Interiors, we specialise in vintage architectural salvage, which often means one-of-a-kind pieces. However, over the years we’ve learnt to translate this love of stylistic antiques into our custom commissions made from timber, wrought iron and steel.

We now offer the option to create custom pieces specifically for your projects. Our production utilises expert craftsmanship without compromising on the rustic industrial aesthetic found in our salvage collection.

Some of the wrought iron, steel, and timber pieces we can create ~

  • Arch windows
  • Bifold doors
  • French doors
  • Iron gates
  • Chandeliers
  • Lanterns
  • Shower partitions

Don’t see what you want on the list above? If you can envision it in wrought iron, steel, or timber, our workshop can likely help your dream come to life. To learn more about how our custom commissions work and discuss your project’s needs, please get in touch with Carousel Interiors today.

Get Inspired!

Check out these beautiful projects using wrought iron and steel doors and windows. See something you like? Get in touch to discuss custom pieces.

Our Past CoMmissions

Our workshop has collaborated with many clients on projects all over Australia. We love the process of discussing your project needs, drafting designs, and bringing you a piece you love. Browse the gallery of select projects below.

Product highlight

What’s the appeal of wood and wrought iron doors?

Our commission service covers an extensive range of products and materials, but there’s two products customers just can’t seem to get enough of – wood and wrought iron doors. There’s a reason these two custom projects are so popular, and it all revolves around the aesthetic versatility of these two materials.

Doors made from wood and wrought iron, even newly commissioned pieces, have the capacity to evoke a rustic sensibility that PVC and aluminium just can’t compete with. Our wood and wrought iron door frames are inherently unpolished from the start, meaning our commission customers have the capacity to specify how rustic they want their piece to be. 

Another key aspect that draws clients to our custom wood and wrought iron doors is the fact that home renovations are increasingly prioritising open space. Installing glass panelled doors in wood or wrought iron, allow our customers to open their spaces up when needed and still let light in when doors are closed.

So if you want to prioritise light and space, why not just get a full panel glass door? This is where we at Carousel Interiors really leverage our experience in architectural salvage. A simple full panel glass door is often too modern or basic for our clients, whereas wood and wrought iron door frames add an industrial-style border that makes the door a statement piece rather than just a means to get outside.

But don’t just take our word for it! Get in touch with our commissions workshop today to discuss how wood and wrought iron doors could be the missing piece to your next project!

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